As you surely know, this is an age where image rules – in every moment. Your special memories for years to come. The times you spend with those you love. The impact of your professional image. Your work. Your products. Your services. Your brand. Your projects. Everything. In short, your life is a rich and diversified collection of images that you want to have registered in a way that causes what every image should deliver: strong impressions.

That’s where I come in. My photography services are built and based on this very principle: representing the moments and elements that are important for you in a way that leaves positive marks and strong impressions.

I bring to photography a truly multidisciplinary approach. I have worked in brand and marketing management, and also as a camera operator and as a graphic artist in a number of concerts. As a photographer, I have extensively worked in many angles, from photographing models, to collaborating with TV shows, short movies, real estate projects, and registering events – including good old weddings.

That’s how I have trained myself not to photograph but to make photography – which is the difference between making you just be seen and making you actually be looked at.

 And that’s what I can do for you:

     If you need to show a unique perspective of what you have to sell, I’ll make sure everyone will notice it.

   If you want to be photographed for your memories, or if you have a special event that you want to document, such as a wedding, my photography will bring out the best that you have – which is quite simply your natural self in all its grace.

 If you want to make sure that you’ll have beautiful pictures of your beloved pets forever, I’ll make them eternal by capturing the special spark they have when they feel happy – just the way you’ll always want to remember them.

 If you need fashion photography that brings out your style the way it should be pictured, I’ll make you shine.

 And, if you need any other kind of high-quality photography work, in which art beautifully merges with reality to give you striking representations that cause strong impressions – as long as great photography is what is needed, you can be sure that I can make it for you. I invite you to learn more about my work. Should you want me to start working my photo-magic for you, please contact me  here and we can get started.